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The Beauty of Traditional and Digital Marketing Combined

Digital Marketing is important! We know that! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think that investing in more online techniques means leaving the tried and tested traditional methods behind.

Using a combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques is the most effective method of marketing, far more useful than using either on its own. A large portion of the population is indeed online, however, traditional marketing still has leverage in the marketing world and going back to basics can often be what makes you stand out in the crowd!
Examples of traditional and digital marketing methods: –

Traditional marketing includes:
• Print (magazines, newspapers)
• Broadcast (television, radio)
• Direct mail
• Telemarketing

Digital marketing includes:
• SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
• SEM – Search Engine Marketing (often called Pay Per Click)
• Online content marketing
• Email marketing
• Social media marketing

Although they are different, traditional and digital marketing don’t have to be enemies. Both of them have their own distinct advantages that can help you get more for your marketing dollar.

Prior to execution of any marketing campaign, extensive research and planning should take place to help you understand who your target market is, where they are and how best to reach them. Understanding those factors will help you determine what marketing techniques will make the biggest impression on your target audience. You might find sticking with traditional tactics is still the best method, or that the ROI on digital tactics is the best way to spend your marketing budget. One thing is for sure traditional marketing still has a place!

Many businesses have laid traditional marketing to rest, so for those who are not afraid to use traditional methods, the rewards can be huge, simply because you are the only one doing it! Take Direct Mail for example. Yes, it takes time to package up a parcel or information and send it out, yes postage costs are on the rise BUT imagine how excited your recipient is going to be when they receive a parcel or letter in the mail. You instantly stand out from the google ad they may never see!

Here are three examples of how the two approaches can work together in order to maximise the impact of your marketing efforts: –

1. Active and Passive
Traditional marketing is generally considered to be passive, while digital marketing actively involves the target audience. This really allows the two techniques to complement each other, working together to achieve the company’s intended objectives. For example, using one to reach the other, such as a print advertisement to give information and create desire for a product or service, telling people to go to the website to make a purchase as the “call to action”!

2. More Personal
Traditional marketing can often be used to create a more personal message. Whilst there are ways to automate personalised emails, nothing beats a personal phone call or a personally addressed letter. That personalised letter could then be used to encourage the customers to go online for further information.

3. Using Digital to Create Personal Service
A cleverly written or designed online ad, can instantly draw attention to a product or service. It may not even be a product or service the potential customer has ever thought of needing or using, however the online ad draws the person in. The ad encourages the potential customer to call, perhaps even gives an incentive to do so. Your expert customer service then begins from that first phone call to convert the customer!

Want to know more? At Garnish we pride ourselves on using new and innovative ideas across both traditional and digital marketing to achieve the best results for our clients. We believe one size does not fit all!

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