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Mentoring fees are customised depending on the scope of works and how often you want help, however we do offer a Discovery Session which allows Angie to understand exactly where your pain points are and then develop a comprehensive report on what she thinks you should be doing to market your business for just $499+GST


2 Hours face to face meeting with Angie

Prior review of your Big Data reports

Analysis of your current marketing activities

Review of your current Marketing message and its validity

Comprehensive recommendation report for future marketing activities


When you work in a specific industry for a long time – you pick up a lot and as a result become far more experienced. Part of why we are asked to continue to help businesses on an ongoing basis is because they like having someone to lean on to ask “should I” or “what do you think about this idea”. Our director is an experienced mentor, having been on the panel for the QLD Government’s Mentoring for Growth initiative for over 7 years, she has a lot to share.

A lot of mentors are people who have some vintage coupled with vast experience in the world of business, but Angie sees the world through slightly different glasses. Technology has always been part of her world and so the adoption of change is not scary. Doing what you’ve always done is frowned upon in her world and spending money because you think you should without measuring it is a big no-no. As a 45 year old female who has been running her own successful marketing company for 16 years, she has a lot of stories to draw from and experiences to share as a mentor.

So if you want someone to be pretty black and white on your side to give you decent advice that is accompanied by practical hands on help, then call Angie – her direct approach will set you on the right track.

In her time as a marketer and mentor she has helped a number of businesses to

1. Understand what they need to do to improve their marketing and

2. How to best pitch that to their specific target market.

Angie frequently is engaged by the mentees because they value her opinion so much

Discovery Session Booking

Discovery session which includes a 2 hour consultation, a recommendation report and review of your Big Data - $499+GST


Behind every great marketing campaign is a well thought out strategic plan. Its not sheer luck that makes a campaign successful, it takes planning, budgeting, research and analysis combined with carefully crafted copy that delivers your marketing message with a punch that’ll make your competitors wince.


First Meeting and actions

  • Discovery Session (allow full day)
  • Full Business review
You get a comprehensive report with suggestions on it, a planning Google Sheet that helps us to plan everything you need to scale your business.



Monthly Mentoring Package

  • If you want to be guided and I mean properly guided and held accountable – this is the program for you.
  • You’ll pay a retainer fee based on days in use and you will get more than you budgeted for
  • You’ll have Angie on tap to drive your business to success
  • We will continually assess your people, processes, funding, grants, marketing, pitch, socials and maintain your nurture program to existing clients on a B2B level.


Angie is an experienced marketer, speaker, mentor and facilitator.

The level of service you will receive is incredibly highly organised and punctual, you will find Angie a delight to work with.

Speaking Topics: Marketing for Manufacturers, General Marketing, SME Business Marketing, Lead Generation

Facilitates: Workshops and Events

Capabilities: Keynote speaker, MC, Facilitator, Motivational, Educational – see CV for more info

Travels From QLD, Australia

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