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Are you a MANUFACTURER, DISTRIBUTOR or ENGINEERING COMPANY and need an Industry expert to help you develop and market your business?

We are still operating as normal. Now is the time to get your Marketing ducks in a row – so contact us to ask us how we can help your business to thrive post COVID 19.

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We are first and foremost a Marketing Advisory Service with all the experience and in house capabilities to roll out our suggestions

We understand your industry and cut through all of the jargon.

How can we help you?

Every business needs continual market re assessment. Things change, market perceptions change, your business changes.

Getting the right pitch to talk to your target market isn’t as simple as it sounds especially when we are talking to another business.

This is what we are good at, we understand what you need to say and how it should be conveyed.

Once we have developed your message, we then work on what that looks like not the other way around, we are not a “let’s make everything look pretty for no reason” kind of marketing company.

We plan the tactics and choose channels that work for your business, then champion the delivery of the project. You may have staff on hand to help, we’ll manage them too so you can focus on other areas of your business, like the increase in capacity you are likely to experience as a result of our involvement.

So for an industry based all and encompassing marketing solution we would be a good fit.

Or if you just want the advisory service – then we offer that too.


Marketing Agency Process
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What an Industrial business needs to do to Market itself


You don’t need War and Peace, but you probably could do with some vague outline of what you are doing and why, how much it all costs and what you expect to get out of it as a result.

That is what we do when we plan. Assess what you need, why, scope and cost it out then manage it.

Ask us how to make your marketing plan as simple as this sounds


How you are perceived is important. First impressions do last no matter what your SEO guru has to say.

When someone comes across your business you need to present well, professionally and quickly. Say what you do on the tin whilst pointing out why your values are better than your competitors because that’s why they will use you. We think that how much you value your business needs to speak volumes with your branding and the message you convey.

We can help you to get the message across and make you look sharp at the same time.

Business Advice

Our Director has been mentoring industrial businesses for many years.

Being able to identify business constraints and develop new target areas is her specialty.

Right now you have an opportunity to think about how your business might thrive after this COVID 19 disaster subsides. I can help you to plan what your future business looks like, develop campaigns that cut through and give you tools to bounce back and maintain your brand presence in the market.

Book Angie in for a mentoring session via ZOOM today

Ongoing support

We all need help from time to time, if you want a little bit of help that’s fine but if you want a trusted, reputable marketing agency to look after your marketing and know what we are talking about, then you are talking to the right people.

We’ve been managing a number of companies marketing for years now and they like the freedom it gives them to know their business is getting promoted in the best way possible to the right target market – without having to lift a finger.

Want that kind of support – just shout!

Are you ready for your business to grow?


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What our clients say about us

Sam Bevis

I have complete satisfaction with turnaround times, quality of work and design, as well as the efficiency of our Account Manager at Garnish

Maria Burrowes

Garnish provide great service, basically I feel like they could do anything I asked them to! Garnish have a great team. Turnaround times are spot on and the quality of design work is great


Garnish Marketing have a well-rounded and holistic approach. I appreciate the speed with which things are done and the consistent focus and energy

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