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Marketing in the Manufacturing Industry

With the advancement in technology, and the gradually improving economy, the manufacturing industry is seeing more opportunities to seize. However, with increased competition from overseas and a shift in the sales process – from your salespeople knocking on doors, to the buyer having a wealth of information available to him or her online, marketing for the manufacturing industry has never been more important.

It’s time for the manufacturing industry to tap into some new skills and get themselves noticed!

Marketing for the manufacturing industry has moved on, like every sector, technology, tastes and the millennial generation have forced us to adapt to market conditions and changing buying cycles. So, what we mean by marketing, is finding and utilising the best way to leave a consistent and lasting impression on your target market using the appropriate marketing channels for your business.

Things you need to consider when putting together a marketing plan for your manufacturing business: –


You need to understand your target! Create a set of buying personas for your customers, understand their needs, worries, challenges and goals. Target the right market for your products and make sure your plan is realistic, achievable and profitable.

Whitepapers/Industry reports

Become an expert or thought leader within your market. By offering informative and helpful collateral you’re instantly gaining the trust of companies that are looking for your solution.

The importance of a strong brand

And this isn’t just about your logo! Branding runs so much deeper than that. Especially in the manufacturing sector where competition is on the rise, global is the new normal and price can often make or break a deal. Your company value message, your culture, your reputation, your engagement, will all have an influence on the value of your overall brand.

Case Studies

When promoting brand awareness, nothing gets the job done quite like a case study. Case studies provide customers with powerful social proof of just how good your products are. It offers immediate credibility to your service from the best sources – your customers. Show people examples of the work you have done, prove you are up to the job! Even better if you can get quotes and images from your clients to back up what you are saying! Become the go to person in your sector!

The importance of strategy

There is no one size fits all marketing strategy for the manufacturing sector. The industry is comprised of thousands of businesses, divided into millions of products, all for different target audiences. What works for one may not work for you. So, without a strategy, your chances of reaching the right people are slim. Your business could be missing out on serious opportunities.

Online Marketing

It is clear that more manufacturers are focusing their efforts online. However, are you yielding the results you want? Online marketing is not as simple as it sounds, it needs careful consideration and analysis to make it work for you.

With every brand, raising awareness about your company’s products and services is key. In order for the manufacturing industry to thrive and develop a wider audience reach, investing time into building strategic marketing plans is essential. It can improve your authority within the industry, increase thought leadership and improve your business’s customer loyalty- helping you become an industry leader.

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