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You are not alone

Amidst the lunacy lays opportunity

What this global situation has shown us is that we are a resilient species. It has also shown us that we can survive on less and that is very interesting. We have created a world where we have been striving for more, the next big thing, upcoming trends and the accumulation of stuff for so long that it has become second nature to us. However we can see that people still need each other, just less, we don’t need to sit in each other’s pockets. Maybe we will become stronger, more independent and less needy as a species.

  • We can see that products are still being bought – just the ones we need, not necessarily everything our heart’s desire. (Maybe that is a good thing)
  • We will become (at least for a few months) a culture that relies on necessity opposed to desirability and greed.
  • We have easily adapted to working from home and schooling our own children, so perhaps some of these habits can become part of how we operate on a global business scale (however I do think kids need to be at school, not at home once this all blows over)

Maybe there is a silver lining to all of this craziness, maybe it is giving our planet time to heal from the wounds we inflict upon it.

It’s not easy, but it is doable.

So as we all evolve into home-based businesses here are a few tips from someone who has run her own home-based business for over 14 years.

  1. When you are at work – work, just because you are home does not mean you turn on the TV
  2. Stay off of social media unless social media management is your job or you are using it to market your business (you can scroll on the toilet after work)
  3. Keep a list of your priorities for the day and make sure you work your way through them – tick them off (it is very satisfying)
  4. Change your voice message on your phone to a professional one if you are using your home phone as the business main number (no one needs to hear your group family greeting or that message you recorded after 4 whiskies that night a year ago)
  5. Get changed into clothes you would be happy to be seen in – (PJ’s are for bedtime)
  6. Drink and eat at normal times and don’t head for the junk (This is not the time for becoming obese)
  7. Never drink alcohol during your workday (just don’t – it is a slippery slope)
  8. Make sure you have enough office supplies (use online delivery services to order more)
  9. If you are working with kids at home be flexible – they need you too (getting the shits with interruptions will help no one)
  10. Keep track of the time you spend on your projects so you can account for your time spent working, this will enable you to remain productive and invoice out properly if you charge your time for money.
  11. Share your story, we are all in the same boat (but for Pete’s sake be positive)
  12. Tell others about your wins, your successes and how changing your mindset or processes has helped to gain a better result. We all can learn from each other (plus we need to combat the media and their tales of woe)
  13. If you are working from home have a stopping point, work doesn’t need to evolve into a day and night adventure unless you are inundated with so much work you cannot cope (unlikely right now)
  14. Tidy up your desk, working in a pigs sty will help you to be less productive.
  15. Maintain connection with your staff, customers and suppliers using the phone or zoom/skype meetings. I have been harping on for years about the need for lead generation because we are Australians and Aussies prefer the handshake, that human connection, the relationship – so maintain it – we need it.
  16. Don’t turn into a hermit crab (we all need each other, just slightly further apart than normal)

Look at this time as a time to plan, to work out what works and what doesn’t, to develop an operations manual, to update your database, to get that website sorted, to get all your data and records sorted out. You are being given the time and headspace to get things in order so that mid-2020 you can catapult into the new financial year with a bang. Take that opportunity and run with it.

If we all turn into gloom and doom monsters we will attract nothing good. Consider that you need to see the opportunity in this global event.

You know I’ve spent a lot of years mentoring people to run better businesses, to get the brand out there, to see the opportunities and have helped them to make those connections. I see this as a huge opportunity. Those that take it up will succeed. Those that fall into the pit of despair won’t. Choose wisely. 

I offer mentoring for small businesses on the cusp of growth. If you want some help with figuring this out and show you the way forwards, contact me. 0422 623 781 or because now is the time to strike. Don’t miss the opportunity. You are not alone.

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