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Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Tips for Successful Email Marketing


We have all felt that reluctance to leave your email address with a company for fear of your inbox being bombarded with emails you never get around to reading! On the other hand, when your inbox is full to bursting, there are those emails we simply delete and then there are those that we leave because we know when we do open them, there will be something of value inside!

Below we have outlined some helpful tips on how you make your email marketer delete proof!


Work out and plan what you are sending


All emails need a purpose, and not all of them are marketing-related! Transactional emails, for example, are necessary for account creation, receipts, order status, and password management.

Take the time to think about out what you are aiming to achieve with your email marketing. Think about everything from who you are sending the email to, should people be segmented in to lists, how you can manage growing lists, and more—before you send the first email.


Should I use an email marketing system or email in-house?


You have two options when starting an email marketing program, you can either go in-house or use an email marketing system. In-house may give you more control, but a specialised program will give you better deliverability, outsourced infrastructure, advanced management tools, scalability, and a whole lot more you’ll need in your marketing journey. If you chose to use an email marketing system, make sure you chose a system you can integrate with your app or website.


Before you send emails you should consider the following…


First, understand what constitutes spam and how it’s regulated. Second, make sure you have opt-in and unsubscribe options readily available for any users who’d like to either opt in or opt out of your emails. Finally, when launching emails from a new IP address, use a “warm up” approach. This is the process of gradually increasing the volume of emails sent. This will help you establish a reputation with Internet service providers as a legitimate sender, it also provides your organisation with the opportunity to evaluate, and adjust email campaigns and learn as you send.


Use permission-based marketing tactics


All email marketing programs need to operate from a permissions-based platform. That means you send emails only to those who say they want emails from you. Blasting out emails to purchased lists means you could potentially, be labelled as a spammer. And that is bad for you and your brand.

Your first effort in any email program should be build a permission-based list and system. Doing so is good for keeping your subscribers engaged and ensuring long-term growth and healthy communication with your recipients. Typically, this process includes opt-in and opt-out pages, welcoming emails, email preference pages, and, of course, good content for readers.


Segment your lists for personalisation


Your company will be sending emails to a diverse market, which means sending emails to diverse audiences with differing tastes and appreciations. That makes it hard to write one engaging catch-all email that encapsulates what everyone needs. So… don’t!

Reduce your reliance on a one-size-fits-all email by segmenting you subscriber list. Segmented lists can help you tailor your messages to defined sections of your audience—based on age, gender, region, interests, and more.

Segmentation doesn’t have to be difficult. All good email systems will offer segmentation capabilities in their tools, which can help you to speed up the email-drafting process for different audience segments.


Don’t leave out your call to action


Each message you send should contain a call to action, that means you want the reader to engage in some way after they have read your email. Even if it is as simple as “Share on Facebook.” Identifying the right messaging and approach can be difficult. It’s requires A/B testing and experimentation in copy placement, content, design, and more, so you can see what works for your business and what different segments of your audience are responding to.

Your recipients need to be offered something they can do, not just told something without being given any opportunity to engage at all.

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