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The Marketing Machine

So you’ve got a commercial or industrial type of business. You’ve also got a heap of competitors and these days it’s harder to be seen and heard because the fact is there is so much noise out there and we all seem to be trying to shout loudest. So instead of going hoarse, why not sing a different tune and be the business that stands out because of your incredible pitch…

The way I see is that you have to have your message (pitch) right to cut through the crap.

It’s marketing 101 and its no surprise, but what might make you think is that YOU and your values are critical to this pitch. I do a fair bit of mentoring and one of the things that I always (without fail) end up speaking about in one way shape or form is WHY people run their business and what made them start it in the first place. A lot of the time the answer is because they thought that they could do a better job or they were given an opportunity to step up and so life’s path took them down that track. So, is that still the case or have your values changed? Its important to evolve your business key message as you evolve as a human.

When you first start a business, you have all these pre-conceived ides of what you will offer, how it will run, and what kind of customers you will have. Then you look back a few years / decades down the track and see the evolution of the business and of self and realise that it’s not quite what you had planned. That’s not to say that it is wrong, it’s just a journey. Your marketing also needs to be a journey too, which means that what you did in the beginning is not necessarily right for what you are doing now.

Basic example: Fifteen years ago the Yellow pages mattered, now they are used as doorstops. The Internet has forced marketing to evolve and whether you like it or not – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

However, I firmly believe that Australia plays with a slightly different set of cards to other countries. See, we still like to buy off of people we know and trust, especially in the more industrial types of businesses. So we are a little bit more traditional in our method, which means that you need to create a fine balance between the whole online revolution and the more traditional marketing methods of posted information and networking.

You might think I’ve just fallen out of a tree onto my head – “posted information”!!! But think about it like this. You get into work, turn on the computer and at down at your desk. What happens next?

Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing as the emails start filling up your inbox at a rate that makes you groan. You now have to sift through all of this stuff to see if any of it requires your actual attention. However on your desk you have a small pile of envelopes to open. Most people open the letters first, because people prefer being tactile and the pile is smaller. Its human nature, because we do the easier jobs first and opening the mail is like opening a present.

One of the envelopes is slightly thicker than the others that look like boring letters. You open it up and see a beautifully designed presentation folder with a few select pieces of information that have clearly been selected for your business because the content is completely relevant to you and look – the letter is even address to me personally and signed in PEN by the sender. What a breath of fresh air. Your mind wanders back to the constant “binging” sound and you start to mindlessly hit the delete button, swearing that tomorrow you will unsubscribe from all this rubbish…

Later that week at about 11am after the excitement of the morning has worn off, a single “bing” sound is heard and in pops and email from the same company that set you the letter. Its not quite lunchtime, you had your smoko so you have time to read this one. You open it up (the email system used by the sender registers this as ‘one open’). You like the way it reads, you like the simplistic layout and can see that these people get what you do and know their stuff. You notice the start to a blog post that is all about the latest legislation that you know you really should be on top of, you click on it and it takes you to the companies website. (the senders email system registers this as a ‘click through’ and if set up, can also add the email recipient to a specific new email list for targeted re marketing purposes) The website is really nicely laid out, you start to read the blog and notice the product and services pages. You start to browse and because each page has a contact form on it, its super easy for you to request more information or request a call back. These guys seem to have their heads screwed on…

Its lunchtime, so you go out and have a walk, get some air and in the meantime daily reports are being sent about your activity to the company who marketed to you. Their sales people have new entries in the CRM to say that you have been sent a mail out and that its time to follow it up, that you have been sent an email and that you opened it today and clicked through to the website through the blog, it also notes that you have looked at the product and services pages too, the form request has been added to the CRM to say that you have requested more information too. The sales person now needs to get on the phone and start the human interaction.

You get back from lunch and the phone rings, you are asked for by name and the conversation start to flow. They already know that you know a little bit about them and you know that they know what you want. This is called a warm lead. Its time for the salesperson to make it hot by ascertaining if you are in the space to buy from them? Once an appointment is set up – this is a hot lead and you should hear from the company again and quickly before you loose interest in them.

The salesperson them comes out to visit you and leaves you with another nice pack of information and a piece of merchandise and may even take your order or the information from you so they can quote promptly and efficiently. You are left feeling like you have been looked after know exactly when they will be back in touch with you to deliver the costs or the order. You’ve already been added to their monthly email blast and so even if you aren’t ready right now, you know that this company will stay in contact with you, because they have a marketing machine and it’s working for them. It doesn’t offend you because you asked for the info and so everyone is happy, plus you can always unsubscribe right?

Then as a customer you are nurtured and looked after by the customer service and account management team. This company knows all about great communication and customer service, but you knew that from the first time you opened that envelope, before you knew you would buy from them, before the salesperson called and you already know that this is rare and that regardless of what other companies of the same ilk say to you, you know that you will continue to use these guys, because to you, you felt looked after, you felt like you were understood, you felt like you were more than a number.

Underpinning your own values into your marketing is essential because you want your customers to have a trust relationship with you and your team, not a transactional relationship. Your pitch needs to emulate what you believe in and deliver your set of truths throughout the journey. Your team need to be on boarded into this way of thinking and operating too.

What you need to consider is that people buy from people, not robots. Your online ads and pretty brochures and lovely websites are not going to sell your product alone. If your brochures and websites do not say what you do differently and are not introduced thoughtfully you will not make or retain loyal customers. If however you do put some thought into WHO you are talking to, HOW they will respond to your marketing and WHAT they need and WHEN then you will likely be on the way to developing a decent customer that is worth investing some time into, instead of a tyre kicker.

I’ve just described a simple marketing system that takes you and your customers on a journey using a combination of automation and human interaction. You have a business you want to market, but you need to develop a marketing machine to support your sales team. Excellent sales people are rare these days, so consider that you have some great team players who want to do a better job of selling, but need some tools to help them close the sale. This is it. If you can get in front of a customer by doing nothing more than sending an envelope with relevant information in it, adding them to an email automation list and then following up with a phone call and still achieving a sale then you are winning.

The key to this system working is having a decent database, so you have to find the right people at the right companies. One of the ways we locate the right people is by using Linked In. It’s a directory of peoples at relevant companies and is a gold mine. So be on it, have a decent profile and use it to connect personally with them and also to data mine the right people to market to as described above.

So to re cap your marketing system needs these ingredients


  • Decent website that is laid out simply and has data capture throughout it
  • Blogs on your website to educate the users
  • Linked in profile set up
  • Linked In data mining activity (make it a weekly activity)
  • Presentation Pack 1 to introduce the company
  • 1st Email Automation to introduce the company and sell your expertise
  • CRM which is linked to your website forms
  • Sales Person with an ability to follow up the initial contact
  • Account Manager who is able to meet face-to-face and close a sale
  • 2nd Presentation Pack to take to the face-to-face meeting
  • Monthly Email Campaign set up


Then it is just a case of what you send and when and how you follow up and what human interaction does to either prevent or nurture the sale.

We have been working with manufacturers, distributors and regional companies for over 11 years now. We’ve gathered a bit of experience and we know what works.

If you want to be mentored through this or have someone set this up and show you how to run it – then call me directly

1300 55 33 21 or email

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