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The Biggest Challenges for Successful Marketing

One of the fundamental things that every company must achieve for successful marketing is to identify the right target group. And yes, it is really hard!!!! To truly understand what your customers need, you have to understand their lifestyle, habits, preferences, needs, wants, etc. You need to walk in their shoes! How do you achieve this so you are sure you are reaching the right people? Here are a few tips: –


Talk to current customers


You need to establish why your current customers use your products or service. Ask about why they use your company, why do they prefer you over other options, do they ever look for or review alternatives, what would they like to see in the future? It’s very important to know your current customers opinions.


Trust data


You will always have your own thoughts on whether you feel your marketing is working, however you need to collect and evaluate data to really know. If the data tells you that something isn’t working, then it isn’t.




When there is not enough data to rely on and no trusted source of information to use, trust your past experience.

There are so many businesses out there marketing themselves, and the tools now available from digital marketing mean there are many ways people can try to expose their business. Even if you nail your target market analysis, you will still need to stand out in the crowd, but how do you do this?

To make your marketing standout it will be necessary at times to take risks. Have a look at what your competitors and doing and adapt it, improve it, change it, make it different. Look at generic marketing ideas people use in your specific Industry and think outside of the square. Brainstorm ideas with colleagues and even look to other industries for ideas you might be able to utilise in your industry. Trial marketing ideas and concepts and measure their success.

Management of your marketing is also a huge challenge. Think of all the things that need to be managed; communication, relationships with clients and team members, resources, budgeting, innovation, planning…… the list is endless. Good management is the key to success to any given marketing project!

Working through target market analysis, making your marketing strategy innovative and effective, then managing the whole process can feel like a series of tasks for the “too hard” basket. Consider outsourcing your marketing to a professional company who can work on each of these stages with you. Your outsourced marketing department may see things you don’t see, will develop ideas you may never have considered and will then assist you to implement and measure your successful strategies.

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