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Lead Generation

Fact: most of us HATE picking up the phone and having an initial conversation with someone new…

Fact: Most bought databases are out of date and expensive

Fact: If I asked you if you’d prefer to stick pins in your eyes than make telephone calls I bet most of you would choose the pins.

So, instead of getting yourself all worked up why not ask us to develop you a database of actual humans who actually work at the companies you want to market to, and then get us to telephone them, have a chat, send them an email and perhaps something in the mail if they need it.



Are you ready for your business to grow?

It’s like having a salesperson on your team without having them sitting in the office making calls, we could be the pre cursor to the salesperson’s offsite meetings.

We do this for a lot of our clients and it works. We can even give you references if you want to check that fact out.

Why does it work?
We are Australian, we speak in an Aussie accent, we understand what we are talking about and we know that this is the first “vital” step to building a relationship with a potential client.

If you want to talk to construction companies, quarries, window companies, architects, mining companies, we can do it for you because we have and we do.


How it works

Lead Gen and relationship building

We have the ability to work with businesses in face to face situations, we can pitch a business, concept, idea or approach to a company and massage them from cold prospect (or just a name on a database) to an interested lead using direct, digital and traditional marketing methods. We are good at relationship building and we would be an asset to your team.

We use tactics such as

  • Data mining companies that are a true fit for your service offering
  • Sending actual (snail mail) letters and marketing packs out (yes it still works)
  • Then following up by phone (and having a decent conversation with them because we know what you offer and can actually chat about it)
  • Sending emails which link to your website (that hosts the same useful and consistent information, which we help maintain)
  • Then linking up via social media on the right channels.

We set KPI’s with you and we work towards achieving them

We also offer the service of networking on your behalf and drive new contacts towards your business. We are happy to attend events and functions on behalf of your company to increase your brand value. You would just need to get us some business cards printed.


$120per hour* for a minimum of 20 hours per month on a six month contract

We would work out some KPI’s for me to work towards so this fee is totally covered.

*This is lower than our std hourly rate

All printing/advertising/postage/ sundries/event/ travel/ petrol expenses are the responsibility of the client


I need to chat to someone once a month to get some impartial advice


Please spy on my competitors for me


I need you to make phone calls for me - I ran out of pins for my own eyes


We are more than  capable - Help me tell our story

Graphic Design

Our Brand and Marketing need help... - Can you reStyle us?

Continuous Marketing

I need help with Marketing on a long-term basis - Save me from going mad!

Website Development

I need a Web Marketing system and I don't want to do it.

Please... take away my pain.


Advertising gives me a headache. - Please manage it for me so we actually get Customers from it

Direct Marketing

Help me to get Direct Marketing right please

Digital Marketing

Oh My God! - My Head hurts... Please manage my Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

I don't like communicating with Humans - Can you do it for me?

Social Media

Please, Make Social Media go away and just manage it for me

Do you need some Mentoring help?

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