Partnering with CQUniversity for R&D solutions


Leveraging Government-funded programs for business innovation

APR.Intern: The Australian Postgraduate Research Intern program funds higher degree research student placements for short-term projects and is funded by the Commonwealth Government:

  • Options for project duration include 3/4/5 months with respective project costs for those project timeframes at $20K/$23K/$26K. These costs include a monthly stipend for a PhD student of $3K and fixed payments both for an academic mentor and for project management of $5.5K
  • 50% Government rebate on an eligible internship
  • Project IP retained by the business
  • No employment contract necessary.

 Innovation Connections: Funded by the Australian Government under the Entrepreneurs’ Program, Innovation Connections provides for researcher or graduate or business researcher placements for 1-year projects with a possible extension of one year:

  1. Researcher Placement – placing a CQU researcher in a business (up to a maximum of $50,000 with matched funding)
  2. Business Researcher Placement – placing a researcher from your business into CQU (up to a maximum of $50,000 with matched funding)
  3. Graduate Placement – employing a CQU graduate or post-graduate with a relevant degree into your business to work on a specific challenge or business need. These Innovation Connections projects are up to a maximum of $30,000 with matched funding.


  1. Eligible business must have annual turnover of $1M+
  2. Eligible business bust be able to provide two years of financial statements
  3. Successful placement must spend 30% of their time in the business/university.

 Contract Research

Research Connect: Industry partners can seek out PhD students from CQU in a relevant field of expertise in the final stage of their degree. This can be a fee-for-service arrangement for between 3-6 months, similar to APR.Intern, or engage with expert researchers across a range of disciplines to address their specific business needs by scoping a research project in collaboration.