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Capability Statement

We specialise in Manufacturing, Distribution and Engineering, which means we have to know what your customers need from you in order to decide if you are a company they are aligned with and can place an order with.

In most cases for larger scale projects you are required to have some semblance of a capability statement ready for review so this critical analysis can take place at a glance.

So if you want to play with the big boys but you haven’t got a capability statement we can help and its not as hard as it might seem.


Are you ready for your business to grow?


Company Logo

Please provide us with a high res EPS of your logo

Please supply any images you would like us to use in this Document

Company Vision Statement
This needs to be what you want to deliver to your clients in a sentence
Business Units
If your business is split into sections, tell us about the split and what each section does.

Tell us about the services you offer that compliment the products you offer.

Tell us about your customer service.

Tell us about how you deal with customisation.

Tag Line
Tell us what your tag line is, if you don’t have one tell us if you want one to be developed and what you think it should encompass.
Brands your carry
If you carry more than one brand – tell us about them
Tell us about the Products you sell, what is great about them and if you manufacture them what is unique about the process

Safety, Quality, Accreditations and Risk Management practices

Safety Management
Ie: We are committed to the safety of our staff and customers and believe it is imperative to provide a safe working environment when we manufacture or install our products. Our lean principles help us to minimise hazards in the workplace and our risk and quality management practices ensure that we deliver our projects on time to budget and as safely as possible.
Risk Management

Achilles Accredited (or similar)

We believe in meeting and exceeding the Industry standards with both our products and our level of service.

You History
Tell us a short story about how your organisation came about and when

Our products are back by our Quality Management accreditation: ISO 9001: 2016

At COMPANY NAME we aim to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Competency Management

NATA Accredited (or similar)

i.e We are NATA accredited so you can be sure that all of our team members at COMPANY NAME are performing their work correctly and to appropriate standards, so we have a benchmark for maintaining our competence, and we believe it shows.

Your Management Team
Tell us about the top tier of management and what skill set they bring to the company
Tell us about any certification or accreditations your company and your products have attained.
Lean Principals

We believe in being efficient at COMPANY NAME. We use a number of lean principles to help us maintain our manufacturing standards and management of waste. Including: –

List process you use:

Contact Details
Make sure we have your latest company details


I need to chat to someone once a month to get some impartial advice


Please spy on my competitors for me


I need you to make phone calls for me - I ran out of pins for my own eyes


We are more than  capable - Help me tell our story

Graphic Design

Our Brand and Marketing need help... - Can you reStyle us?

Continuous Marketing

I need help with Marketing on a long-term basis - Save me from going mad!

Website Development

I need a Web Marketing system and I don't want to do it.

Please... take away my pain.


Advertising gives me a headache. - Please manage it for me so we actually get Customers from it

Direct Marketing

Help me to get Direct Marketing right please

Digital Marketing

Oh My God! - My Head hurts... Please manage my Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

I don't like communicating with Humans - Can you do it for me?

Social Media

Please, Make Social Media go away and just manage it for me

Do you need some Mentoring help?

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