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SalesFix approached Garnish in 2015 seeking a marketing partner to support their growing business.

With limited marketing expertise on staff, Salesfix wanted a local professional and personal team that would become a part of their business.

Salesfix were looking for a marketing partner that would not only offer guidance and support but would also identify opportunities and explore spaces that were currently empty.

The culture at Salesfix plays an important role in their success, therefore good character that compliments this, while supporting the future vision of the company, was also paramount.

Angie has a regular place within our team and can be relied upon to provide the right answers that suit our unique business model and goals.


Initially Garnish were asked to evaluate the existing business, to work on establishing twelve-month marketing plan. Salesfix wanted to ensure the business foundation was correct and not missing any crucial elements, before moving forward.  Karen Matheson, Salesfix Operations and Customer Success, said, “This was a breeze with the help of Angie.  She was receptive, open, and friendly and always kept us on track by asking ‘why’ to areas she thought needed reconsidering”.


Garnish is known for a proactive and innovative approach to marketing, and therefore assisting with concepts and solutions for SalesFix was the perfect partnership.  Karen Matheson explains, “I love that Garnish keep coming up with ideas and run them by me on a regular basis. I love that we have developed a trust that enables Garnish to be my right hand in all things marketing. I can throw random ideas out there and Angie and team will just run with it. They have taken the time to know our business well and can now provide the right support from just a quick, brief instruction. Angie really compliments our business.”

“We pride ourselves on our service during and after all projects”, Karen states, “Garnish deliver top service, I couldn’t ask for more”.  Word of mouth is crucial in business, and when Karen was asked if she would recommend Garnish to other contacts and clients, she simply said, “For sure!” Adding that she would particularly recommend Garnish to businesses who are looking or a personal relationship and trusted partner.

“It has always been about a mutually beneficial relationship from day one, Angie has a regular place within our team and can be relied upon to provide the right answers that suit our unique business model and goals”.

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