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Cirlock is an Australian owned and family operated business, specialising in lockout and tagout equipment for energy sources. The business was founded in 1992, by Erik Larsen, when the now well-known CIRLOCK System Lockout Devices for Circuit Breakers was first manufactured and launched to the Australian market. Since then Cirlock have steadily grown and expanded their range of lockout equipment to the full range you see at

One of Cirlock’s unique selling points is that almost all Cirlock products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Cirlock are proudly part of the Australian Made Group, and advocate the act of buying Australian to keep the economy strong.

Garnish provide great service. Basically, I feel like they could do anything I asked them to! Garnish have a great team

In 2014 Cirlock contacted Garnish Marketing to assist with their marketing. Cirlock had been awarded a local government grant to help to grow their business and felt that using a locally owned and operated marketing company was an important part of this growth. Cirlock were looking for a fresh new approach to marketing their products. Cirlock had been marketing their lockout tagout equipment in Australia for over 20 years and wanted a marketing company that would lead them with innovative ideas, new messaging and updated branding using a variety of marketing platforms.
The General Manager at Cirlock had an initial consultation with Garnish Director Angie Hammond. A marketing plan was then delivered by Garnish to help Cirlock utilise their grant in the most effective way and get the best possible exposure for their products. Garnish Marketing pride themselves on really getting to know the businesses they market. Not only do the team believe in a personal approach, Garnish work hard on getting to know all aspects of a business, the products, the competitors, target markets and everything in between.
Through careful planning and measuring of results, Garnish regularly work on branding, advertising scheduling and design, email marketing, presentations and tradeshow artwork for Cirlock. Most recently Garnish have also worked on a new website design for the company which has had some very positive feedback.
When asked about her experience with Garnish Marketing, Cirlock General Manager Maria, said “Garnish provide great service, basically I feel like they could do anything I asked them to! Garnish have a great team”. Maria went on to say, “Turnaround times are usually spot on and the quality of design work is great”.

When asked about the relationship with Garnish Maria was happy to explain, “Because our product is so unique it took a while for us to get used to the new take on it. We’ve been stuck with only our own opinions and ideas for over 20 years and then to adjust to a new way of looking at it was a bit hard at first, but now I think we both know what we do and don’t like”. Angie Hammond from Garnish believes that investment in on-going relationships like Cirlock is key to marketing success.

At Garnish all clients are assigned an Account Manager, Cirlock said their Account Manager is great and very efficient. “I feel like we work easily together and she is on top of things which is great!” Maria said.

Garnish are proud to be continuing to work with Cirlock in 2016
and beyond, with some exciting new product launches ahead!

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