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People often ask me ” How do I make my business stand out from the crowd when we have so much competition”

My answer is four-fold


  1. Make sure you are offering all you can – could you diversify?
  2. Tell your customers three KEY things that you do really well
  3. Make sure your processes and really tight in-house and you have all your management systems in place, then market that.
  4. Ensure that your sales team has the tools to hand and knowledge to listen to the problem the client is having and has the ability to confidently fill the gaps in the customer “pre googled” knowledge with reasons on why your product solves the problem.

A lot of people are stunned by my answer, because I guess they thought I might go on about having a great website with a click through form, and about how important blogs are and how they need to email every month and set up SEO campaigns and have nice brochures to hand out.

My response to that is, yes those things are all elements of the marketing vehicle, and a product of a well marketed company, but first and foremost you have to have something unique to market. If you do not have a streamlined customer focused process then do you actually think that you will develop a loyal customer? No – you won’t, you will just develop a bad reputation, which is hard to un-market.

Think about whom you are selling your product or service to and what is their pain point. Why have they even started to “Google” for the solution? Does your product or service marketing mention that it solves their problem? If not change what you say.

Your customers want to trust you, so give them a reason to. Make sure that what you say about your company verbally, in your brochures, online, on social media, at events is all consistent, positive and has the data that they are searching for. This means that you will need to understand who is buying from you and reverse engineer their reason for coming to you to get to the crux of how you can help.

We have developed a series of 40 questions that will help you to develop great marketing material. If you would like a copy of these, just connect with me.

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