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Landing pages – Why you need to use them

If you’re not using landing pages online, you’re burning money.

Online marketing is getting more expensive. As more and more businesses flood into online marketing, the cost of traffic is rising.

Whether you’re using AdWords, SEO or other methods to bring people to your site – so is everyone else. If you don’t have a great page to greet these visitors, you run a high risk of them clicking the back button to continue with their search.

As we all know from our own experience, web browsers are impatient online. You don’t get much time to grab their attention. And if you do grab that precious attention, you need to put in work to overcome their mistrust, scepticism or boredom to get them to act. Landing pages are a key weapon in overcoming these challenges.

A good landing page should:

  • Quickly grab your visitor’s attention and give them a reason to stay.
  • Take away their mistrust, doubts and concerns about your company.
  • Be relevant to your customer, based on the search term or channel they used to arrive at your site.
  • Entice them to take action and make it as easy as possible.
  • Most homepages are not written with these principles in mind. Most internal pages, even less so. So if you’re pointing your online traffic there, chances are you’re driving away FAR more customers than you should be.

Talk to Garnish Marketing today about creating custom landing pages to ensure your online marketing programs convert more visitors into buyers.

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