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Fact: EOFY is not that far away. So before you start to get stressed out and get bogged down in paperwork which your accountant really should be looking after, why not take a minute to think about what next year holds in store for your business?

Question: Have you set any goals yet? If not, why not. Take 2 minutes now to think about what it is that YOU want. More Money, More Time, Less Hassles, Less Double Handling? All of the above???

  • Set up your target financial goal for revenue in.
  • Now have a look at your average sale value.
  • Divide the Goal Revenue by the Average Sale Value

This gives you an amount of sales you need to make to make that much money – simple right?

OK so now look at how many sales you have made to date. Is your goal realistic? Are sales dropping?

Couple of things to think about here.

  • Are your sales people doing the best job possible?
  • Do you give your sales people the best possible tools to convert enquiries into sales
  • Are you actually getting any enquiries?
  • Is your product good enough now or is it time to diversify?

I have spent years working with companies asking them these key questions before we ever embark upon any actual marketing. If Im honest this is the part of my role that I absolutely adore, I like getting to know a new company and I like being able to help them on the spot with innovative ideas that they might not have thought about because they are so used to just doing what they have always done and never really thinking outside of the square. I guess that is why I get so much out of mentoring and presenting.

Last week I did a presentation for a Government run initiative that I proudly mentor for – they are called “Mentoring for Growth”. The presentation went really well, it was designed to work in with a Discovery Session and my own system that I have developed to help get all of those curly questions out of the business owners head and into your marketing material.

I offered the session at a discount for this group (going against all of my own sound advise never to discount) but it did yield a result and yesterday I ran one of these Discovery Sessions. I enjoyed it so much that I want to offer the same experience to all of you.

So if you want to get your Business in gear for the next financial year, before all that boring ATO paperwork starts to get you donw, why not book in with me to have an inspirational Discovery Session and add the invoice to the “training” section of your next BAS.


Start to plan now before it all becomes too hard.

What you need:

Marketing that is effective

What we offer:

Full Marketing Assessment and Comprehensive Recommendation Report

Book us in for one of our Discovery Sessions

What a Discovery Session Involves:

2 hour meeting either online or in person
Answering a number of key questions
Providing us with evidence of your past marketing efforts
We do the rest…

Should you engage Garnish Marketing the cost of this session and report comes off of your initial invoice.


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