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Does your Personality and Values Dictate what Industries and Roles you would natuarlly fit into

You know its funny, I’ve been running my own marketing company for over 10 years now and we found that about six years ago most of our clients were industrial, manufacturing or distribution types of companies. It turns out that this type of company is who we are particularly good at marketing. Now that doesn’t mean that there is no space for retail and professional services and we have also marketed those too, just our preference is the more male gritty areas of business opposed to business to consumer end of the market.

Now I’m a little different, I’m a woman that dislikes shopping; in fact I’d rather pay for dental surgery than be subjected to a shopping mall. I’m happiest caked in mud walking through a forest or throwing myself in the waves at the beach. I don’t like spending money and I like peace and quiet. I enjoy a beer and a game of pool and love live music. The way I see it is that if you are going to do something, do it properly and if you say you are going to help then do it. So for me, it was natural that marketing retail companies or anything remotely feminine that required me to immerse myself in an environment I do not enjoy or understand was not going to be a natural fit and would not be true to my core values of doing a good job at all costs.

It’s a point I’d like to explore further. Does your personality and values dictate what industries and roles you would naturally fit into?

I think its important to understand who you are, what you do, your core values and if your values align with the company you work for, or if you own your own company, that your personal values are consistent with the values of your company.

Why? Because staff will come and go but you will remain and your values need to be inherent in the business because it is YOU that will take it to all of the next levels, with or without the team you currently have around you. Your team will work best when they align themselves with the company values so bear that in mind when you set them. Think achievable integrity with visions of high performance.

When hiring your team its important to think about the team’s core characteristics, what is important to them as humans? To me, it’s important that I was acknowledged for doing a good job and was given the trust to work autonomously. Perhaps why I work well as my own boss as I am self-motivated and it’s my clients who now confirm that they are happy with our results.

I’m the daughter of a plumber from South East London and so for me talking to blokes or more casual types of people is easier for me than having corporate conversations about governance or business law.

Our background is really important, what we do outside of work is really important and our life goals are of utmost importance. If you do not have the right people on your team who speak the right language for the role its likely that they will not be a fit. I would not fit into a corporate environment very well, although I have sat on boards and do attend these meetings it’s not a natural fit. You’ll find the operation much smoother when you get a good fit.

The same goes for your business and the products and services you offer. If the product or service do not match the expectation of the customer it simply will not be right. So how do you get around that?

You reverse engineer the customer’s problem. Think about WHY they come to you, what is it that they want? What problem do they need you to solve? Are they just looking for the product you sell or are they looking for more of a customer service experience?

Note: even in the manufacturing and industrial worlds customer service is paramount. No one wants to deal with someone who cannot communicate when placing an order or working on a major project together.

So it’s like personality matching between product and customer problems and between your team members and customers, its got to be the right fit.

So hire well and market well based on problem solving. Ensure that your core values are intrinsic throughout the company from R & D through design, manufacturing, operations, logistics, administration, marketing and sales and into accounts and customer service departments.

So I’d say that our personality is important and it defines us as humans and makes a huge impact on which environment and industry we would work well in. Its not rocket science but I think these small facts are sometimes forgotten when the time comes to hire new staff, mostly because it’s a chore to go through the HR procedure. But think about what you want and what type of person would be a fit because this is part of what you will be able to market out and increases your capabilities. People buy from people and relationships matter.

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