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Content Marketing – What could it be?

Content Marketing


When was the last time you shopped in an actual store? For some, that can be difficult to remember. It’s not surprising, considering that an increasing number of consumers are opting to shop online instead of heading in to a physical store. E-commerce is growing over 23% per annum, and therefore more businesses are focusing their efforts online, and many are reaping the rewards.

Working alongside e-commerce, content marketing is also on the rise. Often more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, content marketing is uniquely suited to online businesses. Brands that create custom content have the power to establish a closer, more intimate relationship with their customers, in many cases this is proving to be more successful than traditional in-store customer service.

Effective content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools for online businesses; it has the capability to establish your brand, create value and continue to support it to grow. Content marketing opens communication with customers, as well helping to establish and sustain brand loyalty.

Many content marketers, however, focus their efforts solely on external communication channels, such as social media, video and blogs. Whilst these platforms are all very successful and an extremely important part of today’s digital marketing, it would be a mistake to neglect other important customer interactions with your brand.

Consider the following areas of content marketing and their importance in your overall marketing strategy…



Many e-commerce businesses give priority to shipping i.e. how to ensure the product gets to the customer! Of course that is crucial, however often this means the look and feel of the packaging can be overlooked.

Packaging may well be the first and only physical point of contact you have with your customer. It’s also presented to customers at a time when they are feeling most receptive to your brand. They’ve ordered a product, it’s arrived at the door, and it’s exciting! Think about how the packaging looks and what it communicates to the customer when they open it.

Packaging is a content marketing platform!


Engaging Emails

Email Marketing is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers, however, a robotic-sounding message in an inbox can damage the relationship with your customer.

Give your emails personality. Liven up your language, speak to the customer directly with a cheerful, casual tone, and keep the design simple. Using signatures, testimonials and team photos are great ways of adding an extra, personal touch and putting a face to a name.

When you send an automated email, such as an order confirmation, try and hold a reader’s attention with genuinely helpful content. Include a mini how-to article or link to an instructional video for relevant products.

Featuring Instagram shots of the product is a good way to pull readers over to your social media channels.

If your tone is more informal with your customers, include something silly and fun as a way of connecting with them. For example, get customers involved in a fun survey about a decision to be made in the office.

Get people talking

Work on attracting social media influencers to your brand. Influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers can vastly extend the reach of your brand. If you get them talking about you and your products, their followers will sit up and take notice and is a great way of attracting like minded people to your brand.

For content marketing, it pays to think outside the square. Whether you give your packaging a makeover, make your robotic emails more human, or make influencers a key part of your marketing strategy, you will find that your content marketing creates a valuable relationship with your customers.

Want to learn more about the power of content marketing? Our Director – Angie is the woman with the ideas who could turn your content marketing around!

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