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Bringing Traffic in

Investing in an effective website is worthwhile, but you also need to have a strategy in place to pull people in.

Four of the main approaches our clients use include SEO, PPC, Social Media and offline marketing.

SEO involves ranking your website highly in the organic search results (as opposed to the paid ads that appear beside and above them). The fundamentals are very important for SEO. Having a trustworthy site filled with relevant, up to date content will take you a long way. However, search engines use hundreds of different criteria when ranking a site including the internal structure, page load times, number and quality of inbound links and more. These criteria are updated regularly. Good SEO involves getting the fundamentals right and responding to these changes as they occur.

Pay per click involves running ads in the search results rather than using the organic listings. Doing this successfully involves using the right keywords (used by customers rather than general browsers), running the right ads (that will attract a high conversion and click through rates) and optimising your landing pages to turn those visitors into customers. You also need to focus on your bidding strategy, location targeting, device targeting and other settings to ensure your campaign is running as effectively as possible.

Social media involves cultivating a long term relationship with your customers. This can then be used to present products over time, but it has to be balanced out with plenty of useful content along the way. People don’t want a constant sales pitch from social media.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, offline approaches including print advertising, direct mail and publicity still have a critical role to play in the marketing mix. They should be used in conjunction with digital marketing to get the most out of your campaigns.

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